Cucumber, Mexican Sour Gherkin - Mouse Melon

Cucumber, Mexican Sour Gherkin - Mouse Melon

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  • Also called "Mouse Melon"
  • Fruits grow to 1-2 inches, resembling tiny watermelons
  • Good flavor
  • Taste as if they are already pickled
  • Grows well on a trellis
  • 60-70 days
  • 25 seeds per packet 

Wonderful and easy to grow for children!

This Mexican and Central American species bears an abundance of 1" fruits that resemble tiny watermelons. Their initial flavor profile is that of a sweet cucumber, but is followed by a surprising “already pickled” taste, offering an interesting and spirited note. Great for growing on a trellis, this species’ fruits fall from the vines when ripe and are great for pickling with small peppers and garlic.

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors in 12"-diameter hills after the last frost when soil is warm. Space hills 3' apart in all directions. Can also be started indoors 2-4 weeks before the last frost for an earlier harvest. This species benefits from consistent moisture. Provide support for vines to save space.