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Land Back Earrings

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From Tuscarora Woodworks:

"So, what does “Land Back” mean? While these words seem straightforward enough, this phrase encompasses a complicated and intergenerational web of ideas/movements. When I hear Indigenous youth and land protectors chant “Land Back!” at a rally, I know it can mean the literal restoration of land ownership. When grandmothers and knowledge keepers say it, I tend to think it means more the stewardship and protection of mother earth. When Indigenous political leaders say it, it often means comprehensive land claims and self-governing agreements. No matter what meaning is attached, we as Indigenous nations have an urge to reconnect with our land in meaningful ways." -Ronald Gamblin, 4Rs NLC Coordinator

Our LAND BACK earrings feature the Haudenosaunee Hiawatha wampum belt and the Two Row wampum belt. Made from lightweight hardboard for easy wear.

  • WIDTH: .875"
  • HEIGHT: 2"
  • DEPTH: .125"